What We Bring

Innova’s job is not to run a business, it is to put in place and empower the best executive management team. But that is not enough: to consistently outperform we must increase the competitiveness of our companies. We aim to provide our management with four resources that are better than those available to their best global competitors.


We focus on specific sectors (see Investment Focus) and pledge sector experience (or at least familiarity) to our management teams. We have learned from bitter experience that you build better companies in businesses you understand.


We specialize in the recruitment and motivation of outstanding management, whether sourced from within our ExecNet or more broadly. Through partnership and joint ownership with management, we can outperform the best in the corporate world.


Cross-border acquisitions, debt-raising, IPOs and sale transactions are our core business. We believe that we deliver better service to our portfolio companies than any corporate M&A function can.


Time is perhaps the most valuable resource of all. Often, what matters is not so much what you do, as when you do it. We aim to take our companies further faster through decision-making that is pragmatic and free from bureaucracy and corporate legacy. Sharp focus is a competitive advantage in business-building: if you get the “Big-3 things” right, you can afford to get a lot else wrong.