Responsible Investing

Innova has always been aware of its obligations to balance good returns for investors with a responsible attitude towards all other stakeholders. In recent years this has crystallised into a Responsible Investing Policy as well as a full process for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting.

As a member of  Invest Europe, Innova Capital’s formal Responsible Investing Policy is rooted in the Association’s guidelines and Code of Conduct. In all activities we insist on high ethical standards, both at fund and portfolio company level. The policy is a natural fit for one of our core values, which is ‘Do the Right Thing’. The clarification of what this core value means in practice helps to underpin a clear belief that responsible investing and ESG are value drivers for businesses in Central Europe. In 2016, Innova became a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (the ‘UNPRI‘). We believe that we have produced a robust but practical policy, which embodies Innova Capital’s fundamental values, offers a transparent approach for investors and stakeholders and also improves the performance of our companies.

We have embedded our Responsible Investing Policy into the investment process as a key factor in decision making. The ESG procedures are included in all stages of the investment cycle, from the selection of a transaction and its assessment through a phase of building the value of the portfolio after completion of the investment.

In order to ensure that the Responsible Investing Policy and the ESG processes are understandable and available to a wider stakeholder group, we introduced an annual ESG report for the first time in 2014. Apart from setting out in detail the Responsible Investing Policy, this document provides information with regard to portfolio company environmental, social and governance issues and how they are being tackled to mitigate risks and exploit opportunities.


We recognize the importance of all of our stakeholders including the broader communities that we invest in. We therefore encourage those stakeholders to use the following e-mail address:  for any suggestions, questions or feedback in relation to Innova and the companies we invest in.