Executive Networks

With our roots in venture capital, we recognize that the lifeblood of our business is management talent. More broadly, to be successful in the long-run, we believe you need to have as many people as possible in your “ecosystem” to help you succeed. ExecNet seeks to create a highly favourable ecosystem of talent that Innova and its portfolio companies can draw on.

Buyout Executives

Innova Executive Forum is an invitation-only association of senior executives and non-executives in our target sectors organized in conjunction with Amrop (a worldwide context driven executive search organisation). Innova Executive Forum meets regulary to develop a common understanding of the full life-cycle of a buyout and to share experiences on topical opportunities or challenges facing business leaders today.

“Friends of Innova”

To ExecNet members who have generated substantial personal net worth, either in partnership with Innova or on their own account, we offer participation in ”Friends of Innova” (”FOI”). FOI participants co-invest alongside Innova Funds, but pay no management fees or ”carried interest” (profit share). Innova’s 48 Friends thereby enjoy the services of the Innova team for free for ten years, and Innova enjoys the support of 48 seasoned executives who have a financial interest in our success.


We nurture close relationships with selected investment intermediaries based on clear mutual understanding. On the “buy-side”, we seek to create a transparent “win-win” relationship with selected partners through pro-forma buy-side contracts agreed in advance which are then easily tailored to the specific deal. In “sell-side” situations we pledge to be a transparent and dependable counterparty.

Global PE Alliance

Global PE Alliance extends Innova’s reach beyond Central Europe to the global arena. Many members of our Global Alliance are also investors in FOI, further deepening our global ties.