Jarek Dmowski to Head the Netsprint Group Supervisory Board

Jarek Dmowski, Partner and Managing Director of the Boston Consulting Group’s Warsaw office,  will be chairperson of the Netsprint Group  Supervisory Board.

After more than 15 years of advising the largest companies in Poland and abroad, Jarek Dmowski is joining the Netsprint Group. As the head of the Supervisory Board, he will supervise the activities of the group’s management board and on a day-to-day basis, will support the operational activities of all companies belonging to the Netsprint Group.

I do not know of a Polish company which has more potential in the digital marketing and big data sector. This is why I am moving to the Netsprint Group,” says Jarek Dmowski. During his consulting career of over a dozen, Jarek Dmowski advised companies, inter alia, on strategy, market expansion, mergers and acquisitions, integration, reorganization, restructuring, sales optimization and customer service. He worked with companies in the new technology, energy, industrial and financial sectors, located in Poland, Germany, Italy, the UK, Canada and countries of the Central European region.

“At a time when data is becoming fuel for business, companies need new solutions and technologies in the area of big data and digital marketing. While I was working with companies in many industries, I saw how big a challenge it is to effectively move around the digital market, connect online with offline, and appropriately use the constantly increasing volumes of data. At the same time, noticing Netsprint’s development and potential, I acknowledged that it is a natural partner for large companies in Poland and abroad. Therefore, I decided to combine this experience and take up a new professional challenge within the Netsprint Group,” comments Jarek Dmowski.

“Our common objective is to create a Polish leader in technological marketing that will comprehensively support clients – the largest Polish companies – in the use of big data, as a natural element of the business strategy. I am happy that Jarek has joined the Netsprint team as the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board and will support the Group’s strategic and operational activities with his all-round experience,” adds Magdalena Magnuszewska, Partner at Innova Capital – a private equity fund, which invested in the Netsprint Group in April 2016.

“Jarek’s experience strengthens the Netsprint Group, both in everyday activities and in the development of an expansion strategy. His support is also invaluable in the processes of mergers with, and acquisition of, other companies, which we are in the process of conducting,” says Artur Banach, CEO of the Netsprint Group.

The Netsprint Group develops and sells tools, technologies and expertise in effectively reaching clients in the Internet. Data on users collected on the DMP (Data Management Platform) and used, among others, in advertising campaigns and for customizing services in the Internet, in developing a product marketing and development strategy, as well as building positive customer experience, lies at the heart of the company’s strategy. Netsprint’s DMP currently has over 60 million cookies and, therefore, is the largest Polish warehouse of data on Polish users.

According to the “Digital Trends 2016” report, data-driven marketing is among the leaders of the promotional opportunities that are the most exciting for marketers and will become the most important over the coming 5 years. The main driving force behind the development of the data market is programmatic, namely an automated model of buying advertising. According to the European Programmatic Market Sizing report, published in September 2016 by IAB Europe, programmatic display advertising grew by an average of 70% in Europe in 2015.



The Netsprint Group develops and sells tools, technologies and expertise in effectively reaching clients in the Internet. It built a Polish advertising ecosystem with a total coverage of 97% of the Internet users in the areas of:

  • audience targeting: Netsprint DMP – the biggest Polish data platform on Internet users. 60 million cookies, 560 marketing profiles
  • content marketing: ContentStream – Poland’s largest content marketing network
  • data-driven advertising: Adkontekst – Poland’s largest contextual / behavioral advertising network
  • media customization: advertising recommendation engine Netsprint Adserver and Related Content content recommendation engine
  • e-commerce: reaching new customers and dynamic retargeting Adkontekst eCommerce (including RTB Adfocus), native e-commerce advertising platform ProductStream and Netsprint Search e-shop search engine
  • e-mailing: E-mail Network – 90% of mailboxes in Poland
  • lead generation: LeadR direct marketing.