Innova Capital Shared Its Know-How with Participants of the 7th Private Equity Academy

Magdalena Magnuszewska, Innova Capital partner responsible for the fund’s investments in new technology sector and for talent development, was invited by the Investor’s Club at the Warsaw School of Economics to deliver a workshop for participants of this year’s – already seventh – edition of the Private Equity Academy on 12 May.

Intensive day-long coaching sessions in five-member teams – it was Thursday, 12 May, for those who applied and qualified to participate in the Private Equity Academy organised by the Investor’s Club at the Warsaw School of Economics. Participants enjoyed an opportunity to test their knowledge of the mergers & acquisitions market during discussions with experts, and also to meet Private Equity professionals face to face.

This year, the Private Equity Academy was divided into three themes: Private Equity, Venture Capital and Mergers & Acquisitions. The selection of workshop participants was based on application forms and accompanying CVs. The training given by Innova Capital and other representatives of Private Equity funds, law firms and transactional consulting companies, was available to a small group of excelling students.

During a series of workshops and discussion sessions, their participants became knowledgeable about the actual daily work at Private Equity funds and collaborating companies. The following topics were addressed during the workshops:

 “Select to Acquire”

 “Financial Due Diligence”

 “Commercial Due Diligence”

 “Enterprise Value Creation”

 “Clauses in Investment Agreements”

 “Acquisition of a Listed Company by a Private Equity Fund”


“My career at Innova Capital began 12 years ago when I was an analyst. Today, I am a partner in charge of talent development. I know how much work is required to have a career in Private Equity. It is a truly elite industry. I am happy to see that students are interested in it. It is another edition of the PE Academy that we are participating in. It is quite possible that we will see some participants in Innova Capital as interns”, says Magdalena Magnuszewska, Innova Capital Partner.


About Innova Capital (

Innova Capital is a leading mid-market private equity fund in Central Europe. Founded in 1994, since then Innova Capital has invested more than EUR 650 million in 45 enterprises across ten countries in the region. In 2010, Innova Capital won the CEE Fund of the Year presented by Unquote for its fifth fund – Innova/5.


Magdalena Magnuszewska joined the Innova fund in 2004. Over that time, she proactively sought experience in the private equity market through her involvement in a number of projects, especially in the TMT and services areas. At present, she focuses on investments in the new technology and online markets. Her latest transaction in that sector is an investment in the Netsprint Group – the Polish leader of marketing and big data technology. She is also in charge on the fund’s team and talent management.