Expand(er) In Romania

A year ago when Innova Capital fund bought Expander it indicated it has foreign expansion plans for the financial intermediary. Expander has set sail for Romania, where it may even acquire a financial intermediary by the end of this year. Prospective targets are now being analysed. It will probably be a small company. The Romanian financial intermediary market is now at the stage Poland was in 2003. There are a few companies on the market, the largest of which has only a few branches. That company is CreditZone, which belongs to Getin, the owner of Expander’s greatest rival in Poland – Open Finance. Just like Getin, Expander wants to use its Polish know-how on the Romanian market. It will start off with just one branch, and then it will quickly form a chain. The budget for the Romanian transaction remains a secret, just like the development perspectives. Although Romania may be prone to fluctuations on the financial market, Expander remains unworried.