Adrino joins Netsprint Group

Technology-driven marketing leader Netsprint Group acquires an 80 % stake in Adrino, Poland’s largest mobile advertising network

Adrino’s core business is the broadcasting of ads on a mobile network capable of delivering more than 1.2 billion ad impressions per month. Advertising content is displayed on over 320 websites and in 100 applications. Adrino has an experienced sales and ad-serving technology development team consisting of more than 20 professionals. The shares purchased by Netsprint Group were previously held by Xevin Investments, Xevin Lab, and Adrino’s management.

Following the investment by Innova Capital and Dirlango, the Netsprint Group accelerated the expansion of its independent Polish digital advertising ecosystem, designed as an alternative to global players. A key component of this ecosystem is the Netsprint Data Management Platform, a data warehouse containing behavioral and profile data on nearly all Polish users.

Today, one in two users already accesses the Internet through a smartphone or tablet. According to the IAB AdEx study, the Polish mobile market was worth PLN 512 million in 2015, an increase of 264 % year-on-year. In the first half of 2016, mobile advertising spending grew by 70 % and now accounts for more than 20 % of all online advertising spending. The mobile channel is also a key driver for programmatic advertising. IAB Europe’s research shows that the European programmatic market increased by 165.4 % in 2015.

“More than 50 % of clicks on Netsprint’s networks, Adkontekst and ContentStream, come from the mobile channel, where our advertisers run their content marketing and performance marketing campaigns. Adrino has unique competence in managing rich media and video campaigns delivered through browsers and through the fast-growing in-application advertising channel. Combined with our user profiling and demand generation expertise and technology in the programmatic advertising arena, this will allow us to offer a unique solution that supports advertisers’ goals and enables us to optimally monetize our publishers’ space,” says Artur Banach, CEO of the Netsprint Group.

As part of its current mobile portfolio, the Netsprint Group offers advertising on two networks with a combined reach of 97 % of Polish Internet users – Adkontekst (display advertising, contextual advertising and programmatic advertising) and ContentStream (content marketing) – using both display and native formats. With the Adrino acquisition, the Netsprint Group will expand its services with additional rich media formats (including video), and will be able to offer stronger support for its clients in branding campaigns billed on a CPM basis. In addition, the investment in Adrino will make it possible to increase the amount of data collected by the Netsprint Audience DMP from mobile devices, and create unique ways to target users within that channel.

“As an active player in the new technology marketplace, we realize how important it is to have a technology partner who understands the mobile market: a market where evolving technology is an inseparable part of business. Working together as part of the Netsprint Group, we will be able to expand our technology offerings rapidly by relying on mobile user data synergies,” says Grzegorz Chyliński, Adrino’s CEO.

The Netsprint Audience DMP (Data Management Platform) currently stores 92 million cookies and 550 marketing profiles. Using this data, advertisers can precisely target their advertising campaigns at specific groups of users based on their interests, demographics, professional profiles, location, and purchasing intentions.

“The success of endeavors such as Adrino is determined by the people behind them. We are very impressed with the technology and business competence of the company’s managers. With people of that caliber on board, we believe we can passionately expand our advertising platform,” says Netsprint Group’s Artur Banach.


The Netsprint Group is developing an independent advertising platform whose key component is the Netsprint Data Management Platform, a data warehouse containing behavioral and profile data on nearly all Polish users (92 million cookies and 550 marketing profiles). The Netsprint Group has developed a Polish advertising ecosystem capable of reaching 97% of Internet users. The ecosystem covers the following areas:

  • content marketing: ContentStream – Poland’s largest content marketing network;
  • performance and programmatic: Adkontekst – Poland’s biggest contextual and behavioral advertising platform with its own SSP (supply-side platform) technology;
  • message personalization: Netsprint Adserver – an ad recommendation engine, and Related Content – a content recommendation engine;
  • e-commerce: Adkontekst eCommerce (including RTB Adfocus) – a platform for reaching new customers and dynamic retargeting, ProductStream – a native e-commerce advertising platform, and Netsprint Search – an e-store search engine;
  • e-mailing: Email Network – a mailing network targeting 90% of mailboxes in Poland;
  • lead generation: LeadR – a direct marketing agency.

Adrino’s mobile advertising network is operated by a team of experienced online/mobile marketing professionals, who have worked for leading publishers and media houses in Poland. The network’s offerings include end-to-end advertising campaign management on mobile versions of websites and portals and within mobile applications. Adrino provides mobile marketing solutions and technology to deliver, measure and optimize mobile advertising campaigns. The company helps its clients tap the power of smartphones and tablets in a multitude of creative ways. Advertising campaigns are delivered across more than 320 mobile sites and more than 100 applications; the network has a capacity in excess of 1.2 billion impressions per month.