Polskie ePłatności begins rebranding the e-commerce part – PayLane

Source: Polskie ePłatności (PeP) https://www.pep.pl/

The Polskie ePłatności have started the rebranding of their e-commerce part, which until now has been present on the market as the PayLane. The changes are only aimed at harmonization of the communication of the group in terms of its image.  In March 2018, PayLane joined the Polskie ePłatności group which is one of the fastest growing and most modern companies on the Polish market for cash free payments.

After one year of close cooperation, the Management Board of Polskie ePłatności has confirmed that the synergy of the technological and sales forces of both companies has yielded exceptional effects thanks to which the PeP group may offer their customers increasingly attractive services as part of the omnichannel offer. One of the Company’s successes of the recent time was their introduction, as the first mover, of the Apple Pay into the Polish e-commerce sector. Another success was the integration with the BLIK payment system which is one of the most comfortable Internet payment systems and a popular choice among Polish consumers. The Company will soon announce the effects of another joint projects improving the provided services.

– From now on, PayLane will be offering the services under the brand of Polskie ePłatności – said Marcin Drozdowski, Vice President of the Management Board of Polskie ePłatności.Now, the e-commerce payments and payments effected using payment terminals will be provided under a single common brand: Polskie ePłatności, which is well known and visible in thousands of points of sale across the country. The process of harmonization of the image of the brand is yet another step in our omnichannel strategy consisting in the offering of a comprehensive range of payment services from a single provider.

–  Today, we have presented a new mark for the identification of the e-commerce service under which the on-line part of the Polskie ePłatności group will be functioning on the market, said Karol Zielinski, Managing Director of Ecommerce, Polskie ePłatności and President of the Management Board of Paylane.

The harmonization of the brand does not entail any formal consequences for our customers. All our contracts executed with customers or partners shall remain in force. We will retain the existing legal personality of the company, which will continue to function as a Polish Payment Institution that is subordinate to the Financial Supervisory Authority. The only change is the brand under the umbrella of which our company will be operating. Operating under a single brand is aimed at harmonizing the identification. We are planning to complete the entire rebranding within the first three months of 2019, he added.

The Companies unanimously declare that the rebranding opens subsequent chapter of the corporate development.